Farmer's daughter take one i need to be famous wayne all the best people are ain't nobody else out there like you you know why

why because you got that x factor our days are struggling may soon be over hollywood here we go this is it our own studio background i'm looking for a place to stay

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Oh yes sir that's one of this home and my wife pearl was next door so i would appreciate a little discretion you don't know what we're doing does he well it's better to beg for forgiveness

and ask for permission would you like to come inside much advice i want to be in the movie well you can't the story can't just change midway  Through if daddy catches us

there's no telling what he might do my wife is not well it happens after darkness you don't want to leave do you people's eyes are gonna pop out of their damn skulls

when i see this what are you all right now all the boys found this inside what do you think is on it i see one goddamn up horror picture