Princess Diana’s experience with the royal family is known to have been overwhelming. Her relationship with Queen Elizabeth was very complicated, undergoing many changes over the years,

eventually cut short by Diana’s early death. This is what Princess Diana’s relationship with the Queen was like. Princess Diana was acquainted with some members of

the royal family even before her relationship with Prince Charles She grew up in comfortable surroundings, including living at Sandringham Manor for a time, and was regularly in the company

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of members of the royal family. In fact, her father was the Queen’s stable boy and her grandmother worked as a maid of honor to Queen Elizabeth’s mother. As a child, Diana even spent time

with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward and played with them on several occasions. The Spencer family was very famous, and one of Diana’s sisters even dated Charles for a while

and then introduced him to Diana. It would be fair to say that Diana knew what the royal family was from a young age and that she understood how things worked in it

She was also in direct contact with Queen Elizabeth, the godmother of Diana’s brother Charles Spencer

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