The Most Expensive Mega Mansions in America

By: Naveed rehman


Fairfield pond

this dream home is in Sagaponack new one of the most expensive homes on the planet at 248.5 million dollars. the 63-acre property includes a playhouse and two pool cottages 

mesa vista ranch


The lavish mansion is located in Roberts county in eastern texas this 250 million dollar estate is owned by Boone Pickens and built on nothing less than 68 000 acres of land. 

west creek ranch


creek ranch is a jaw-dropping refuge in colorado that spans over 7000 acres and is surrounded by infinite red rock canyons and cliffs. sale for a record-breaking 279 Million dollars

the Chartwell estate


Chartwell estate is estimated to be worth 350 million dollars. the 25 000 square foot main mansion. the Chartwell mansion style is somewhere in the 18th century with amenities

Nile Niami


a 500 million dollar mansion located at the top of a hill in bel air Los Angeles California. five excellent exquisite swimming pools  the 10 000 wine cellar and a state-of-the-art home cinema