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Polio virus found in New York wastewater

The polio virus was present in wastewater in a new york city suburb a month before health officials announced a confirmed case of the disease last month

that's according to state health officials monday who are now urging residents to be sure they have been vaccinated the discovery of the disease from wastewater

samples collected in june means the virus was present in the community before the rockland county  Adults diagnosis was made public july 21st

the u.s centers for disease control and prevention said in an emailed statement that the presence of the virus and wastewater indicates

there may be more people in the community with the virus however the CDC added there may have been no new cases identified and that it is not yet clear

the virus is actively spreading in new York in the Us there is no cure for polio once one of the  Most feared diseases given its ability to cause irreversible paralysis in some cases

new York officials have said they are opening vaccine clinics to help unvaccinated residents get their shots

the united states has not seen a polio case generated in the country since 1979 although cases from a traveler in an oral vaccine were found in 1993 in 2013.