Everything You Need to Know Before The Lord of the Rings. Three different powerful races in middle earth humans elves, dwarves, and Sauron

The dark lord made these magic rings for all of them but in secret, he formed one ring that would control all of the others this is the one ring making him lord of the rings

this one ring Gave him power over the nine kings of men and the dwarves but the elves managed to resist their power because like elves are lovely

and good Galadriel still has her ring of power when the lord of the rings starts now most fans of the movies will remember that the second age of middle-earth ended

when the king’s son Isildur cut the evil ring from Sauron’s finger but he lacked the conviction to destroy it in mount doom And later he was killed

the ring came to Gollum from Gollum to bilbo, etc but now let’s talk about this new series which has a huge budget reportedly 60 million per episode twice that of stranger things season four

Rings of power take place during the second age of middle earth it’s sandwiched in The middle between the Silmarillion which mostly covers the first stage

and the lord of the rings which takes place in the third age j.r.r Tolkien only briefly touched on the second age and the appendices found at the end of the return of the king,

However, jr’s son Christopher Tolkien would go on to expand his father’s unpublished manuscripts about the second age in the book shaping middle earth if reading’s your thing then

there’s also a new book Coming out titled the fall of numenor The book is illustrated by Alan lee who won an Oscar for his contributions to the art direction for the lord of the rings films