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top ten hackers movies

top ten hackers movies

1. hacker 2016

hacker is a 2016 crime thriller film directed by Akan satayev and stars colin Mcauliffe Lorraine Nicholson daniel eric gold and Clifton collins jr Alex a young Ukrainian immigrant who wants to support his struggling family by Earning money on the internet but not always legally slowly slipping into dangerous hacking crimes and being supported by a black market dealer Alex soon finds himself in a life of identity theft and ways where a return will be impossible.

2. live free or die hard

live free or die hard is a 2007 action thriller film directed by len Weissman and stars bruce Willis Justin long Timothy Olyphant And maggie q they finally got it right with one of the latest entries to the die-hard sequels turning the series from an action-packed joyride into an action-packed joyride with cyber wars and hacking when an attack begins to shut down the vulnerable u.s infrastructure legendary john McClane finds himself unable to win alone so he gets himself help from a brilliant yet idiotic hacker.

3. 23 1998

23 1998. 23 is a 1998 german drama thriller film directed by Hans Christian Schmidt and Stars august Diehl fabian bush and dieter lender is based on the true story of a group of young computer hackers from Germany it revolves around a hacker cult inspired by R.a Wilson’s novel Illuminatus obsessed by the stories the orphaned carl and his friend dave start breaking into government and military computers and find themselves in a dangerous game after a big discovery.

4. track down

track down is a 2000 crime thriller film directed by joe Chappelle and stars skeet Ulrich Russell wong and Tom Barringer following a skilled computer hacker and a determined computer crimes expert this thrilling ride retells actual events causing endless private data being stolen from computers around the world what follows is a digital race between Kevin and the cops who are always right behind him ending in a generally thought-provoking experience about the high-tech modernity of our lives.

5. swordfish 2001

swordfish is a 2001 action thriller movie (top ten hackers movies) directed by Dominic senna and stars john Travolta Hugh jackman Halle berry and don Cheadle as we follow Gabriel shearer on the Mission of a lifetime to steal billions of dollars of illegal government funds we witness the power of technology that makes his plan become reality but what starts as a logically motivated crime blurs with the emotional part of the protagonists haunting and threatening their success.

6. Hackers 1995

hackers is a 1995 crime film directed by Ian Softley and stars johnny lee miller Angelina Jolie fisher stevens and Lorraine Braco filled with a stylish appeal and charismatic young cast hackers follows a group of high school hackers and their involvement in a corporate extortion conspiracy They discover a plot to unleash a dangerous computer virus and must use their computer skills to find the evidence while being pursued by the secret service and the evil computer genius behind the virus.

7. Who Am I

who am i is a 2014 german techno Thriller film directed by Baran bo odor and stars tom schilling Elias mbaarek Wotan will mooring and Hannah her sprung in a world in which we all hide behind computer screens and let screens hide everything they hold inside how easy is it to hack someone’s identity based off the fragility of modern identities and the high-security risks that barely get noticed The movie (top ten hackers movies) tells the story of a german computer whiz benjamin who is invited to join an insurgent group of hackers.

top ten hackers movies

8. Snowden

Snowden is a 2016 biographical Thriller film directed by Oliver Stone and stars joseph Gordon-Levitt Charlene Woodley and Zachary Quinto a tragic yet intimate insight into the world of cyberwar hacking and the dangers of technology Snowden follows the infamous title-giving hacker who leaked the important government documents of the NSA that became a worldwide media scandal Making him the most wanted man in the world Snowden leaves behind a legacy that is explored in this movie.

9. millennium series

millennium series is a 2009 Swedish crime thriller movie(top ten hackers movies) series directed by Niels Arden oplev and stars Michael Nyquist and Numi Rapace this masterwork trilogy adapting the dark twisted book series discovers human abysses through the eyes of two protagonists who couldn’t be more different When a once famous journalist and a mentally sick hacker team up to revisit an old case of potential murder what they find goes way further than anyone wanted to show the sheer power of systematic crime.

10. the girl with a dragon tattoo

the dragon tattoo is a 2011 psychological crime thriller film directed by David Fincher and stars daniel Craig Rooney mara Christopher Plummer and Stellan Skarsgard being the best most suspenseful yet disturbing American take on the millennium movies (top ten hackers movies) the girl With the dragon tattoo proves itself with mind-blowing direction from David Fincher and memorable performances from its leading cast crafting an experience that will go down your spine just like the brutal events that are explored in this brilliant thriller see more

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