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top 10 Sandra bullock movies

top 10 Sandra bullock movies

Here is the list of the Sandra bullock movies you will see in detail.

1. while you were sleeping

While you were sleeping is a 1995 romantic comedy film directed by Jon Turteltaub and stars Sandra Bullock Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher Lucy an extremely lonely young woman who works as a toll taker for the Chicago Transit Authority is deeply but secretly in love with a handsome stranger who she passes by every day not daring to say one single word to her passion destiny has other plans when a dangerous event brings them closer together than anyone Could have thought.

2. demolition man

demolition man is a 1993 science fiction action film directed by Marco Brambilla And stars Sylvester Stallone Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock Los Angeles in a violence-crazed conflagration in 1996 brings up the demolition man LAPD’s most notorious cop after being brought out of suspended animation in prison John Spartan must face an ultraviolet nemesis who is threatening his existence but what they don’t know is that their destiny will go further than their own time period resulting in fast and dramatic action.

3. The proposal

the proposal is a 2009 romantic comedy film directed by Anne Fletcher and stars Sandra Bullock Ryan Reynolds Betty White Mary Steenburgen and Craig T Nelson the plot fixates on a Canadian executive who discovers that she may confront expulsion from the US on account of her terminated visa resolved to hold her situation as a supervisor in the head of a Publishing house she persuades her colleague to temporarily go about as her life partner will they be able to stick to the plan.

4. A time to kill

a time to kill is a 1996 crime thriller film directed by Joel Schumacher that stars Matthew McConaughey Samuel l.jackson Kevin Spacey and Sandra Bullock after his ten-year-old daughter is raped in Campton Mississippi by two white racists Carl takes the law into his hands and murders her culprits he then faces a trial and urges his attorney friend Jake Tyler to assist him in his legal case after taking Lee’s case Jake has to fight most of his friends including his best friend his secretary and his wife.

5. Crash

the crash is a 2004 drama film directed by Paul Haggis and stars Sandra Bullock Don Cheadle Matt Dillon Brendan Fraser Terrence Howard Tandy Newton and Ryan Phillippe several stories interweave during two days in Los Angeles involving a collection of interrelated characters inspired by a real-life incident in Paul Haggis life it is a crude and disturbing morality tale about modern anxiety and urban disconnection the movie won three Academy Awards for Best Picture Best Original Screenplay and best film editing.

top 10 Sandra bullock movies

6. The lake house

The lake house is a 2006 romantic drama movie (top 10 Sandra bullock movies) directed by Alejandro aggressed And stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock a forlorn doctor who once lived in an abnormal lakeside home starts trading love letters with its freshest inhabitant a baffled architect things take a sudden mysterious turn when they find that they’re really living two years separated they attempt to disentangle the secret behind their phenomenal love before it’s past the point of no return.

7. The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a 2009 biographical sports drama film written and directed by John Lee Hancock and stars Sandra Bullock Quintin Aaron Tim McGraw J head and Lily Collins the movie (top 10 Sandra bullock movies) is based on the true story of Leigh Ann Toey and Shantou II who took a homeless teenage African-American Michael Oher they provide him with a loving home he never experienced before and when he Expresses an interest in football she goes all out to help him.

8. Gravity

The Gravity is a 2013 science fiction thriller film (top 10 Sandra bullock movies) directed by Alfonso Cuaron and stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney dr. Ryan stone an exceptional medical engineer embarks on her first shuttle mission with astronaut Matt Kowalski who is on his last space duty however disaster strikes during a routine spacewalk and Ryan and Matt are stranded in space with their shuttle destroyed the brilliant minds must come up with a plan to safely reach earth.

9. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a 2011 drama film directed by Stephen Daldry and stars Tom Hanks Sandra Bullock Thomas horn Max von Sydow and Viola Davis Oscar is certain that his dad who passed away in the 9/11 assaults on the World Trade Center has left a message for him shrouded someplace in the city he sets out looking through New York City for the lock that fits a secretive key he found in his dad’s closet.

10. Speed

The speed is a 1994 action thriller movie (top 10 Sandra bullock movies) directed by Jan de Bont and stars Keanu Reeves Dennis Hopper Sandra Bullock Joe Morton and Jeff Daniels a premise that is as simple as effective and exciting the two protagonists top to win a battle against speed itself driving a bus that Will explode when below the speed limit of 50 miles per hour in this action-packed adventure that is probably the fastest that you can find speed proves to be tense and energetic while also being revolutionary creative. see more

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