You are currently viewing The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH
The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

Princess Diana’s experience with the royal family is known to have been overwhelming. Her relationship with Queen Elizabeth was very complicated, undergoing many changes over the years, eventually cut short by Diana’s early death. This is what Princess Diana’s relationship with the Queen was like. Princess Diana was acquainted with some members of the royal family even before her relationship with Prince Charles

She grew up in comfortable surroundings, including living at Sandringham Manor for a time, and was regularly in the company of members of the royal family. In fact, her father was the Queen’s stable boy and her grandmother worked as a maid of honor to Queen Elizabeth’s mother. As a child, Diana even spent time with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward and played with them on several occasions.

The Spencer family was very famous, and one of Diana’s sisters even dated Charles for a while and then introduced him to Diana. It would be fair to say that Diana knew what the royal family was from a young age and that she understood how things worked in it. She was also in direct contact with Queen Elizabeth, the godmother of Diana’s brother Charles Spencer.

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

Diana claimed that the decision to marry Prince Charles was up to them alone. In an interview with Reader’s Digest, she said firmly: “Charles and I were the ones who made the decision to get married. Not the queen. We did.No one else.”Queen Elizabeth thought that Diana was a good match for Prince Charles. In any case, if she didn’t think the relationship was something good, Charles probably wouldn’t have proposed to Diana. Besides, by law, the queen must give them permission to marry. Although the Queen did not try to influence their relationship directly, it was clear from the outside that she genuinely liked Diana.

In February 1981, the couple officially announced their engagement. Queen Elizabeth was reported of the opinion that Diana would know what her responsibilities would be after her marriage to Charles because she had often interacted with the royal family before. Oddly enough, Charles himself was more concerned about the prospects of their marriage. He used to say, “Sometimes I am afraid to make a promise and then perhaps live regretting it.”Queen Elizabeth understood that being part of the royal family could be a daunting prospect for Princess Diana.

It is said that before Diana tied the knot of marriage to Charles, she spent a fair amount of time at Buckingham Palace. And this made her feel insignificant. She played sports, swam, and tried to plan a wedding, but she was bored and lonely. It was around this time that she began to suffer from bulimia. Diana was rumored to be upset with Charles because she thought he just didn’t want to be around her. Meanwhile, the queen tried to be sympathetic and realized that Diana would need some time to adjust.

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH
The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

She believed that Diana would get used to life in the palace. However, she was so depressed that she briefly left the palace and went home, almost canceling the wedding. Her father convinced her to change her mind, and she returned to the palace. During this time, the queen could not be around Diana as much as the young princess would have liked, although she was rumored to be sympathetic to Diana’s disappointments, both before and after the wedding. Even though she had met the royal family as a child, when she married Prince Charles and became part of it, it was not easy for the princess to be in close proximity to Queen Elizabeth.

According to the book Diana: Her True Story, she was frightened to the point that she feared her mother-in-law in the early days of her marriage to Charles. Initially, she was nervous about the queen and reportedly maintained a formal demeanor appropriate for interactions with the monarch. However, even this formal interaction with the queen was reportedly warmer than Diana’srelationship with the queen’s mother, who is said to have kept the princess at arm’s length.

Queen Elizabeth showed rather quickly that she was willing to trust Princess Diana, agreeing to let Diana represent the royal family at an important event in the early 1980s. Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, passed away in 1982, and Diana attended her funeral on behalf of the queen. According to the book Diana: Her True Story, Diana said that many people didn’t think she would be allowed to go to the funeral, but the queen surprised her by saying that she was no reason why Diana shouldn’t go.

She was only 21 at the time, but the queen allowed Diana to go alone on her first trip abroad as a member of the royal family. Andrew Morton says those who saw her were impressed by her, quote,” a dignified demeanor at a very tense and at times sentimental funeral.”For Princess Diana, marriage to Prince Charles was not easy initially. The queen tried to help a little. Unfortunately, Charles and Diana were two very different people, and it was difficult for them to overcome their differences.

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

It was known that Charles had been something of a playboy before he married Diana, while his wife had never dated anyone before and didn’t know what to expect from the relationship. Queen Elizabeth reportedly wanted their relationship to improve and believed that the couple’s children, Princes Harry and William, would help bring them closer together.

However, this did not happen, and the royal couple’s conflict escalated. Diana found it difficult to cope and began to rely on the Queen for help. She visited her and told her about her problems. The Queen tried to listen to her and provide help. A member of the royal palace staff said that conversations with the queen were helpful to the princess and usually led to an improvement in her mood. In the end, there was little Queen Elizabeth could do for Princess Diana, offering her only emotional support.

Diana’s situation got even worse when she realized that her husband was having an extramarital relationship with his ex, Camilla Parker Bowles. Charles reportedly made his preference for romance clear when he said: “I refuse to be the only Prince of Wales who has never had a mistress.”Apparently, the queen did not support him when Diana approached her for help. Diana reportedly approached her with tears in her eyes, hoping for advice. She asked her what her next steps should be. The queen simply said: “I don’t know what you should do. Charles is hopeless.”

But when the news of Charles’ infidelity became known to the public, the Queen, was greatly upset – after all, she was not the type to support extramarital affairs. She made sure that her son’s mistress was not allowed to enter the palace, and the Queen reportedly described Parker Bowles as an “evil” woman. Over time,

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH deteriorated. Diana was always a little different from the other members of the royal family and she did not try to hide it. For example, she chose her engagement ring from a catalog rather than having it custom-made, as is the traditional custom. Also, when she married Prince Charles, she made it clear that she would not “submit” to him.

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH
The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

The relationship between Diana and her mother-in-law deteriorated further after Diana spoke to her biographer Andrew Morton in the early 1990s. Some of Diana’s friends and family members also worked on the book. This did not please the queen, who was reportedly “stunned” that the princess had contributed in any way to her biography. As for Diana, she didn’t know what to do and felt, quote, “at her limit.”In 1995, she told the BBC that she had not met Morton, but decided to let her friends and family do so because she was tired of, quote, “making herself seem like a worthless person.

Queen Elizabeth genuinely believed her daughter-in-law had great potential as a member of the royal family. According to Reader’s Digest, the Queen was very sympathetic to Diana when she fell ill during her honeymoon with Charles. Diana was grateful to the Queen for the support she received during those days and even praised her. She once commented, “I have the best mother-in-law in the world.”

When Diana and Charles’ relationship became strained after the book Diana: Her True Story was published in the early 1990s, Queen Elizabeth suggested they take a six-month break to think things over. They agreed and spent some time away from each other. It was around this time that Diana became active in humanitarian work. Members of the public admired the princess, and the queen knew that she could shine as a member of the royal family.

However, it proved impossible to stop Diana in her tracks. Eventually, after her landmark Panorama interview revealed many of her family’s dirty secrets, the Queen advised the couple to divorce. In the end, the Queen never figured out how to help Diana. It is reported that Diana did not take criticism well at all, which meant that the Queen had difficulty speaking honestly to her.

Queen Elizabeth was not a constant source of comfort to Diana. In the book Diana: Her True Story, the princess revealed that she took her example from the queen and sincerely respected her. However, she reportedly told her mother-in-law, “I will never let you down, but I cannot say the same about your son.”According to the same source, Queen Elizabeth was sometimes frank with Diana about their family problems and what she thought were their causes. The queen reportedly even told Diana that she believed her son could never come to terms with the princess’ bulimia.

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

According to Diana, “She saw it as the cause of the marriage problems, not a symptom.”She also added that she has a mostly good relationship with her in-laws, but she doesn’t try to work extra hard to please them. She said, “I get along very well with them but I don’t go out of my way to go and have tea with them.”August 31, 1997, was a terrible day for the royal family. Princess Diana and her partner Dodi Al Fayed died in a tragic car crash on the streets of Paris while being chased by paparazzi. The whole world publicly mourned when it was announced that the princess had died.

It seemed to many Britons that the grief had taken on an unprecedented scale. They, in addition, lashed out at the queen for not flying from Balmoral to London as soon as possible and for not honoring Diana by not flying the Royal Flag at Buckingham palace. Meanwhile, it was believed that the queen had decided to stay in Balmoral to take care of her grandchildren, Princes Harry and William. She wanted the boys to “absorb the shock of their mother’s death” on their own.

As Diana’s biographer, Ingrid Seward, wrote, “her first priority was to protect them.”As for the flag, the queen’s explanation was that it was simply protocoling not to raise it when the queen was not in residence at the palace. As ABC News notes, Queen Elizabeth wrote about Princess Diana in a letter to a friend saying that the princess’s death was a great loss to the country. She added that it brought people together, quote, “in a rather inspiring way,” as people around the world collectively mourned the loss. She also said she admired the way Diana raised and cared for Princes Harry and William.

The whole truth about PRINCESS DIANA relationship with QUEEN ELIZABETH

The queen offered her perspective on what was happening in Balmoral and said she was with her grandchildren. She wrote, “This week, at Balmoral, we all tried to help William and Harry come to terms with the devastating loss they and all of us have suffered.”The queen spoke publicly of her late daughter-in-law in a stoic but affectionate tone. Addressing the country in a speech before Diana’s funeral, the queen paid tribute to her by calling her an exceptional person.

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