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The Royal Enfield hunter 350 price

Royal Enfield hunter 350

if you look at the pictures of the new royal Enfield hunter 350 one thing is clear this bike is one extremely good-looking motorcycle. I mean yes it has taken a lot of design inspiration from the triumph street wind.

color of Royal Enfield hunter 350

Royal Ville has managed to have a lot of unique design elements on the motorcycle. firstly it gets dulled on paint schemes that enhance the world appeal of the motorcycle in fact there are a total of six paint cubes there’s rebel blue, red, black, dapper, and white,

and finally dapper grey secondly there are things like the four gators wide handlebar short exhaust and rim tapes that bring out the urban appeal of the motorcycle

the Royal Enfield hunter 350 prices

and just in case if you want to upgrade the styling of the bike well there are a lot of customizable options that the company will sell to you through their line of accessories now coming to the overall performance of the new honda 350 well this motorcycle borrows

speed and engine Royal Enfield hunter 350

the same engine that is seen on the classic 350 and the meteor 350. we’re talking about the 349 cc single-cylinder air-cooled motor you know this engine makes about 200.2 bhp at 600 RPM and 27-newton meters of peak torque at 4000 RPM

but the interesting bit here is the Royal Enfield hunter 350 is slightly faster than both these motorcycles because of the overall weight the hunter 350 is almost 11 kilos lighter than the meteor 350 and almost 14 kilos lighter than the classic 250. the hunter 350 has a maximum speed of 114 kilometers per hour

but to be honest we are quite excited to ride the bike in the city because we feel it is going to be extremely fun and easy to ride but why do we say because the combination of that wide handlebar confusing ergonomics and that motor which turns out flat torque

body of the Royal enfiled hunter 350

mean these aspects are quite enticing and there are also the 17-inch wheels along with that tighter rake angle which could also make the motorcycle extremely flick-able in the city, especially in heavy traffic conditions

the instrument cluster on the hunter 350 has also been borrowed from the meteors it gets a digital odo meter trip meter gear position and fuel indicators clock and service reminder there’s a provision for a GPS screen as well which it’s called triple navigation

but that can be bought only as an accessory however the USB comes as standard which is placed under the left switch gear the other aspects in the hunter like the brakes suspension dual channel abs all have been taken from a meteor and the classic cousins.

prices of Royal Enfield hunter 350

the new Royal Enfield hunter 350 will have a starting price of around 1.3 lakh ex-showroom Delhi and this will before we believe it could be for the cheaper variant which is the hunter retro and the alloy version which is called the hunter metro

in terms of price to about 1.94 lakh rupees under 2 lakh rupees just a bit more expensive than a base classic 350. to make a motorcycle more accessible for riders includes actually making it more accessible to ride but also it’s kind of a mind game and that’s something

the royal Enfield hunter 350 is playing quite well because when you look at it it seems like a tight package and that is meant to make riders feel that it is not as intimidating as the other bigger royal Enfield in fact in terms of core dimensions like let’s say the seat height it’s at 800 mm which is on par with the classic and

weight of Royal Enfield hunter 350

if you look at the weight it’s about 10 to 15 kilograms lighter so not that much this is still about a 180-kilogram motorcycle but it is meant to feel light feeling to ride and that’s under the changes to the chassis and to the wheels as well which is a big change now when we come to the chassis itself

the wheelbase has reduced by about 20 millimeters that’s down to the change up here which is the chassis the geometry now this is where you’ll see that the rake is sharper this is 25 degrees whereon the classic is 26 degrees and the other big change that you will notice immediately that this is got a 17-inch front wheel

we’ve had the 19 on the classic 18 as well but this for the first time in a very long time on a royal Enfield you get 17 inches front and rear right and along with the wheelbase is short about 20 millimeters all of which is meant to improve agility to make it more fun as you can see the foot pegs are set quite further back than any of the Royal Enfield hunter 350 see more

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