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Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings|The Rings of power

Everything You Need to Know Before The Lord of the Rings

Three different powerful races in middle earth humans elves and dwarves and Sauron the dark lord made these magic rings for all of them but in secret, he formed one ring that would control all of the others this is the one ring making him lord of the rings this one ring Gave him power over the nine kings of men and the dwarves but the elves managed to resist their power because like elves are lovely

and good Galadriel still has her ring of power when the lord of the rings starts now most fans of the movies will remember that the second age of middle-earth ended when the king’s son Isildur cut the evil ring from Sauron’s finger but he lacked the conviction to destroy it in mount doom And later he was killed the ring came to Gollum from Gollum to bilbo, etc but now let’s talk about this new series which has a huge budget reportedly 60 million per episode twice that of stranger things season four.

Rings of power take place during the second age of middle earth it’s sandwiched in The middle between the Silmarillion which mostly covers the first stage and the hobbit and the lord of the rings which takes place in the third age j.r.r Tolkien only briefly touched on the second age and the appendices found at the end of the return of the king,

Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings

However, jr’s son Christopher Tolkien would go on to expand his father’s unpublished manuscripts about the second age in the book shaping middle earth if reading’s your thing then there’s also a new book Coming out titled the fall of Numenor. The book is also going to be illustrated by alan lee who won an oscar for his contributions to the art direction for the lord of the rings films.

Morgoth was like the original bad guy in middle earth think of him as Darkseid To Sauron Steppenwolf Sauron was actually a servant of Morgoth and the Valar were kind of like angels making Morgoth a fallen angel like lucifer so Morgoth was way more powerful than Sauron Sauron was actually one of the Maya I’m probably pronouncing that wrong and these were the beans who became wizards in middle-earth like Gandalf.

The second age of middle-earth is roughly 3441 years long but the amazon five-season show will condense this timeline in order to highlight the major points. the rise of Sauron with the forging of the great rings and his seduction of the powerful human race of Numenor.

Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings

Numenor is referenced several times in the lord of the rings movies when referencing Aragorn most of the time to his face. Numenor is this island off the coast of middle earth that’s shaped like a star And is super advanced it’s the site of the greatest of all human kingdoms the show is also going to show us the creation of the ringwraiths from lord of the rings the early wars between Sauron and the elves will begin and of course the one ring will be made during this time.

Galadriel’s opening monologue also told us when the second age ends and the third age begins there’s a giant battle where the forces of men and elves gang Up against Sauron and then a prince named de sildore takes his father’s sword Narcil and cuts the one ring from Sauron’s middle finger destroying Sauron’s physical form

And thus the third age has begun now it’s safe to bet we’re not going to see any of this in this show unless it’s like the very last sequence but it was already done pretty perfectly by Peter Jackson.

Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings
Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings

Tolkien was always helpful to the reader by creating maps of the different ages to give us a setup at first glance the second age map looks Nothing like the iconic one that we know and love today there’s no shire no Mordor Gondor nothing but hey those misty mountains are there proof that we are looking at middle earth.

The land of Aragorn’s kin and one of the major locations for the show the numenoreans inhabiting this aisle enjoy long lives three times the life spans of men because they are descendants of the elves Numenor’s regent is currently Queen Muriel a new character who has a deep love for her homeland but is also sensing that all is not well young isildor resides here as well not a king of Gondor yet but a sailor with a serious Moana complex.

Gonna grow up and fail to purge the evil from this world now the first king of Numenor was euros Elrond’s twin brother and elros was an elf who chose to live as a mortal so he has passed away by the start of The show sound familiar I choose a mortal life yes it turns out that losing his daughter to a mortal realm was not the first time elrond dealt with this dilemma his own twin brother chose the same fate and then spawned a new race of men in the process.

Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings

Elrond is not yet the lord of Rivendell instead he’s an ambitious young politician of half-elven Heritage his father Arendall is a mythical figure who helps save middle earth from evil so Elrond is now searching for his place and purpose in the regal elven realm of London linden’s ruler is Gil Galad who is famously mentioned in a song that sam sings and lord of the rings. he has the gift of foresight

And like Muriel can feel the pulse of darkness rising across the land now Oregon is just northeast of London and it’s the Realm of the Naldorian elves that’s Galadriel’s race when the series starts Galadriel is the polar opposite of the graceful ruler of Lothlorien that we meet in the fellowship of the rink.

Her destiny of being gifted the ring ninja the ring of water is something that i am looking forward to seeing on screen it’s Unclear if this will happen in the first season for now Galadriel is a warrior who is not ready to put down her sword

Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings

she fought against Morgoth and lost her brother in the process Morgoth’s apprentice Sauron has vanished so she is hunting down the last remnants of their collaborators Galadriel will travel with a human castaway called hollbr and from the sundering seas.

And the two of them will travel to the island of Numenor for admission that is yet to be revealed So Aurelian is a rare elven kingdom because their relations with the dwarves at Kaza doom are actually quite cordial and there’s a famous elf who is behind the forging of the rings of power celebrity who resides in this kingdom and is very friendly with his dwarf neighbors fun fact he’s also the descendant of the first stage craftsman feynor who forged the three simarils and those three simarils were jewels that eventually became the three elven rings.

This time you won’t find goblins or cave trolls but we will most likely see plenty of mithril prince Durham iv and his wife diesel live here during the height of the Dwarf’s prosperity and I’m betting that he is destined to become a ring bearer other alliances are being formed in the Southlands a new elf soldier our deer helps keep watch over the humans that live their humans who in the past had aligned themselves with Sauron he strikes up a special and forbidden relationship with a new human character Bronwyn g.

Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings

Just gonna be an eye no he’s not just gonna be an eye but the creators of the show are keeping it really close to their chest on just what and who Sauron is going to look like if we go by what’s already known Sauron will eventually manifest into the guise of an elf called anatar who will teach the elf smiths led by serenbor how to craft the rings of power only time will tell when that will happen but it’s gonna happen obviously.

well, you’ll see Harfoots which are one of the three descendants of breeds of the hobbits along with the stores and the follow heights Harfoots means one with hairy feet and they’re more nomadic in the series rather than the homebody shire dwell.

A new hard foot character sadok Burroughs travels with the nomadic tribe of harfeet across middle-earth keeping a low profile and hiding from the big folk while most nomadic car feet leave an under-the-radar existence nori brand foot another harfoot has a Baggins-like

Everything You Need to Know Before the Lord of the Rings

I’m going on an adventure essence nori and her closest friend poppy proud fellow are set to discover a mysterious man who seems to have fallen From the sky in a flaming meteor.

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