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10 Habits That Make You SMARTER

10 Habits That Make You SMARTER

10 Habits That Make You SMARTER

It’s a changeable ability to learn and stimulate your brain that can improve over time the thing smart people have in common is they’re dedicated to lifestyle habits that support and protect their mental health.

Ask questions

The german philosopher Hans Georg Gadamer once said knowledge can only be with those who have questions Most people don’t ask questions because they feel like they’ll look stupid but they couldn’t be farther from the truth learning requires asking questions and finding answers as kids the depth of our curiosity has no boundaries everything around us piques our interest why is the sky blue why do cat’s meow and consequently

if you don’t understand anything or are unsure about something don’t be afraid to ask about it even ask Yourself questions and research the solutions on your own when you go home instead of watching tv look online for material that will help you to understand topics you’re interested in but a little confused about don’t neglect this easy but time-consuming practice it may just considerably increase your intelligence.

Hang out with smart people

Friends can teach you new skills and Keep your mind active our surroundings shape our values beliefs and ways of thinking and spending time with intellectuals will constantly help to feed your brain because with smart people there’s always something to discuss and there’s always something to learn from them granted you might still sometimes feel as though you don’t know enough but even that has its perks you are adjusting to your surroundings

10 Habits That Make You SMARTER

and your mind will compel you to put in the effort to improve as a result of acknowledging your shortcomings your friends don’t have to be smarter than you the important thing is they always have interesting things to discuss and are pacesetters in whatever field they work intellectuals already know how to feed their brains so spending time with them is very beneficial in order to adopt not only knowledge but also a learning style.

Exercise frequently

Don’t overlook exercise and its effects on our smartness the brain and body constantly cooperate together with our overall energy and physical health have a direct impact on the quality of our thoughts.

As you grow cognitively keep in mind that you should also grow physically since the two are intertwined physical exercise also instills discipline which is advantageous for the efficient growth of positive habits and new information try as much as possible to make time for at least one form of exercise.

keeping A diary

It’s been proven in group studies that a few minutes spent reflecting on the events and thoughts of the day in writing increases brain power Nothing motivates and helps you become smarter like personal experience and your own achievements take a few minutes each evening to write down your thoughts events and insights of the day

10 Habits That Make You SMARTER

with this you’ll have the opportunity to analyze the ideas that come to your thoughts and questions that arise then there is the added advantage that writing frequently makes you smarter overall by expanding your language and communication skills since keeping a Diary is a language practice activity learning new terms and expanding your vocabulary will raise your IQ.

Apply and share new knowledge

Smart people always make use of their Acquired knowledge not because it’ll help them to succeed but rather because sharing their intellectual resources makes them more valuable. read a book and discuss it with people who’ve also read it the best technique to reinforce and comprehend the subject matter is to share new information and concepts

10 Habits That Make You SMARTER
10 Habits That Make You SMARTER

you will learn more during such a discussion about the work itself as well as the lessons other people have discovered it doesn’t matter who you Share your thoughts with family friends co-workers members of a social network group or topical forum because the act of sharing knowledge itself that’s what enriches your understanding and helps you to draw out more informed conclusions.

Read across genres

The brain is a very powerful tool and Reading is the mental exercise it needs to be in tip-top shape we have instant access to almost all the written books created by humans thanks to smartphones tablets e-readers and of course the internet however we often waste time viewing amusing videos of cats and dogs on Facebook while just mindlessly scrolling a news feed it’s undoubtedly a way to unwind and feel more cheerful but it’s not realistic or healthy to use all of your free time doing this however Reading often can not only help you stay informed and teach your brain to function well.

Take time to think

Take time to think are all easily distracted from one thing to another not properly understanding the true essence of the information received the habit of taking pauses to reflect on what you’ve learned is highly beneficial and is in fact an important part of the learning process when you take time to think you get to consider all the factors that might directly or indirectly have a connection to whatever you’re doing you get to plan three to Five steps ahead and will seldom be caught lacking the same goes for conversations smart people listen more and talk less and they manage to get a lot done with fewer words.

10 Habits That Make You SMARTER

Prioritize eating healthy

You must be familiar with this prevailing notion that glucose is the ideal fuel for the brain but a balanced diet rich with needed vitamins and minerals is the best fuel you can get to power your thought engine the optimum diet for enhancing brain performance includes enough protein moderate amounts of carbohydrates and enough healthy fats, therefore, whole grains lean meats nuts Fish and dairy products should be on your dinner table and it’s also a good idea to adopt the habit of eating just enough to be satisfied and avoid junk food.

Learn how to be organized

In their devices and instant messages Both at home and at work people that have a habit of making things orderly tend to be smart disorganized objects frequent message alerts and clutter on a desktop and in work folders all divert the mind from tasks and lower productivity your mind will function more effectively the less disorder there is in an area where you live and work develop.

10 Habits That Make You SMARTER

Playing games that task the mind

A particularly beneficial way to spend your time is by playing games that force you to think creatively utilize your imagination and solve constantly evolving problems they hone your mental faculties while bringing you delight and happiness research from 2019 found that those who played one or more games that Tasked the thought process frequently performed better cognitively than those who didn’t mind games like crosswords or sudoku. see more

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